Vent Session – My Shopping

vent session shopping

My family ridicules me that when we built the new house we should have also built a receiving dock.  I do happen to do a lot of online shopping.  Whether it is clothing for me or the family, birthday gifts, household items, toiletries, dog food…online shopping has been the way to go for me in terms of convenience and savings.  Therefore, there is usually a box or two at my front doorstep almost everyday.

In my defense – I work full time.  When I get home I want to spend time with the family and I am tired.  I don’t want to first go to the mall or Target to get what is needed.  On the weekends I want to spend time with the family and it is NOT easy to bring young boys into Nordstrom or anywhere for that matter to shop. Ever try to bring a child into Banana Republic to pick out some work clothes?  Trying on clothes is way out of the question. It can be downright stressful unless we are somewhere that peeks their interest, which at that point I am berated with requests.  “Can I get a Lego/Pokemon cards/candy?”

I get my nails done during my lunch break so as to not interfere with my family time.  I schedule doctors appointments for super early in the morning or during my lunch breaks for the same reason, and to not interfere with my work hours.

Yes, I do enjoy shopping.  I would much rather be in a store, browsing the racks with a tall iced coffee, soy and a sweet n low, taking my time then sitting online at night.  Online shopping does have its perks – Amazon Prime is my fave…I ordered some decorations and paper goods for N’s birthday party on Saturday and received them on MONDAY.  That is fast.  Online shopping allows for you to comparison shop – I research for the best price around and also search for coupon codes or shop through Ebates (another favorite).

Oh, and I do return things that are purchased online (BABE…).  Last night he said that I don’t return as much as I say I do because he is the one that drops off the boxes to FedEx or UPS.  Um…NO.  There are items that I return via USPS or right to the store without his help…he doesn’t seem to count those.

Stop busting my chops about the packages at the door…

Happy Administrative Professional’s Day!

administrative professionals day

Administrative Professional’s Day (formerly known as Secretary’s Day) came about in 1952 when a super thoughtful gentleman felt it was important to bring light to the hard work and dedication that secretaries provide to their company.  Back in those days the role was held by women, but as the name of the holiday evolved so did the gender bias, as there are now men and women that hold these valuable places within organizations.

Don’t forget the administrative professional in your organization…flowers, candy, cards (with a gift certificate enclosed), lunch out, or maybe even a few hours off to themselves are all great ways to recognize their worth!


Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!!!  


Here are some fun ways to celebrate today:

First and foremost, something that probably comes to mind right away - plant a tree!  Trees produce the oxygen we need and aid in reducing air pollution.   After you plant the tree, take a picture of it.  Every year on Earth Day, as a ritual, take a picture of that tree so you can see how much it has grown and changed!  If you have kids, it would be cool to take the picture of your child(ren) next to the tree to see how they BOTH have grown and changed.

Take a walk and pay attention to the trees, flowers, bugs, animals that you pass by.  Usually when I walk, I am not paying attention to what is around me – I should be appreciating nature!

Volunteer to clean up a local park or beach!  Unfortunately there are people out there that don’t throw out their litter.  By helping to clean up, you are helping to beautify!

If you don’t already do so, make today the first day you start recycling!  My boys know what goes in the blue bin and what to put in the yellow bin and I love it!  My nephew, after finishing his yogurt, asking my dad, “Where’s your recycling?” and he’s 5.

Attend an Earth Day event!  Click HERE to find an event near you.

What are you going to do to celebrate Earth Day?  Post some cool ideas below!

photo credit: IronRodArt – Royce Bair (“Star Shooter”) via photopin cc

Easter Egg Time!

I am so bad this year…I haven’t even purchased an Easter egg coloring kit.  I need to do so, like yesterday.  What are your favorite Easter egg designs?  I’d love to see…in the meantime check out the basics on how to make hardboiled eggs.
Elegant Easter Egg Designs

by Lemonly.
Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

5 For Friday – April 18

5 for friday

TGIF!  The 5 for Friday was easy to come by this week…I found a lot of great articles and interesting info. This past week has been so much fun for me, having my sister, niece and nephews down for their Spring Break.  My boys were in heaven hanging out with the cousins.  I think I heard the word “butt” 5 million times (I am told it is a phase and definitely a boy-thing).  Now its time to wind down, although sad knowing that when I get home from work my sister won’t be there to hang out with.

organic rice field with dew drops during sunset

As you may know, I am always on the look out for the next best beauty treatment.  When I came across this article via FabFitFun, I was a bit taken back by some of the “interesting” beauty treatments that are out there. #6 was very different, followed by one not on their roster – the vampire facelift.  I had heard of this exotic facial previously but when chatting over dinner with a great friend heard that there was someone I knew that had it done I needed to know more.  This facial is comprised of removing blood from the face, placing it in a centrifuge where the platelets are removed where they are then “reactivated”, then replaced into the face.  I am completely simplifying the process as I need to further research it, and it does sound grotesque but at the same time intriguing…have you ever done this or know of someone that has?

organic rice field with dew drops during sunset

The most I know about Trader Joe’s as of yet is that there is a great and inexpensive wine by the name of Two Buck Chuck; their trail mixes are great; when I have visited their location by my sister in CT the people that work there are super nice…I am patiently waiting for the one by me to be completed…very patiently.  In the meantime, here are some thoughts that everyone apparently has when they shop at Trader Joe’s.  I hope to have some of these in the near future!

organic rice field with dew drops during sunset

Happy Passover to my fellow Jewish readers!  I thought you might be looking for some wine to go along with your delicious seder dinners and luckily I came across a post with Five Amazing Kosher Wines.  No more Manischewitz for me!

organic rice field with dew drops during sunset

One major thing I learned this week was patience overcomes everything.  Saturday night, sitting with my mom, dad, two boys, sister, niece and nephew, we discussed the day we had (driving 3 hours to Legoland – some of us with more challenging passengers than others, varying ride requisites and hunger needs).  Whether it was the glass of wine I had, or the actual time to SIT and reflect, I realized that taking a step back and a big breath really overcomes all of that undo stress that I put on myself (and others).  Family is there FOREVER, time passes so quickly, please embrace it all.  I need to do a lot more of that!

organic rice field with dew drops during sunset

Last but definitely not least…I am obsessed with this recycled tank from H&M.  Pair it with a white cami and skinny jeans, leggings or cut-off denim shorts…so freakin’ cute!  I received it today and LOVE IT.  It’s from their new Conscious collection, made from recycled polyester.  It’s currently sold out (whew…) but I am sure they are going to restock.




Restoration Hardware – Now That is Customer Service

I had to blog about this…

Last night I received a package via UPS from Restoration Hardware.  I thought it was going to be a merchandise credit for some lamps that we had returned a few weeks back.  As I opened the envelope, something very out of the ordinary popped out, along with a note.

Apparently, when we had packaged up the lamps to return them, somehow my oldest son’s Star Wars license that he got at a bar mitzvah back in 2011 fell in the box.  The people at Restoration Hardware could have totally paid no attention to the little card and tossed it in the trash.  Instead, they took the time to send it back to us!

restoration hardware

Lately we have been noticing less than stellar customer service.  We called six companies inquiring about coming out to quote us on changing out the material on our patio – 2 responded.  There are some repairs that were left unfinished in our new home – for 3 weeks with no response from the project manager.  I think you get the idea here (and I don’t want to make this a ranting post).

That little effort that Restoration Hardware did by mailing us back N’s Star Wars license blew me away.  Now that is customer service and CUSTOMER RETENTION!

Which companies are your favorite in terms of customer service?  I’d love to know!

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Make a Book About Your Favorite Person and You Could Win $2,500 from Blurb
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